Comments, suggestions and observations can be made in the comment sections of this site (scroll to the bottom of any given page or post and you will find a “Leave a Reply” box for comments), or the following people can be contacted in relation to this letterhead collection:

Frank Mulvey is the present caretaker of the letterhead collection, the curator of the 2013 exhibition,  the author of this blog and son of the late Frank R. Mulvey.  He is also a visual artist, teacher and coordinator of S.P.A.C.E. (Sciences Participating with Arts and Culture in Education) at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and can be contacted at

Other individuals connected with this project:

Catherine Moleski  is the graphic designer of the letterhead collection exhibition catalogue and poster.  She is a graduate of the Dawson College Graphic Design Program and works as a freelance graphic designer.

George Vaitkunas is the author of the essay (click on “Historical perspective on the collection” under the “About” tab) for the exhibition catalogue connected with this project.  He also served as an advisor and provided creative input for the presentation of this project.   George is a graphic designer specializing in book design.  He teaches in the Graphic Design Department of Dawson College.

Anthony McLean  did the macro photography for this project and also created the image of letterheads on a cart featured on the “Historical perspective on the collection” page under “About”.  He is a freelance photographer and can be reached at

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear letterhead 1960s

    My name is Mika Fukai, an editor of a Japanese publication that named xknowledge.

    I am writing this e-mail to know something about letterhead1960s.
    I am editing a book of unique museum around world.
    In this book, I would like to mention letterhead1960s in the page of online museum.
    It’s very interesting that many readers could attract.

    So, could I put letterhead1960s in this book?
    Also, I am wondering if I could lent a picture of it.

    I am looking forward to your reply


    深井 美香 / Mika FUKAI

    〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木7-2-26
    TEL.03-3403-1381 FAX.03-3403-1345


    • Hello Fukai,

      Thank you for your communication regarding the Letterheads of the 1960s website. I authorize you to mention this site in your book devoted to unique museums. Regarding your request to reproduce an image from this website, can you send me the image that you wish to reproduce for me to understand which image this is?



      • Dear Frank,

        Thank you for replay and sorry for late reoly.
        I’m going to mention letterheads 1960s in my book.
        Please check the attached file.
        I’m interested in the image.
        So, I would be very happy if I could use it for the book.

        I appreciate your corporation and understanding.



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